Past Events

Urban October 2019 celebrated around the world
The theme of World Habitat Day 2019 was Frontier technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth with the Global Observance being held in Mexico City.
The theme of World Cities Day 2019 was Changing the world: Innovations and a better life for future generations with the Global Observance held in Ekaterinburg.
During Urban October some 60 events took place both in Brazil and the USA (over 30 in New York), China hosted 40, India over 20 and 10 in Kenya. UN-Habitat appeared in 48.8 million article views with…
The theme of World Habitat Day 2018 was Municipal Solid Waste Management held in Nairobi, Kenya on 1 October 2018.
The theme of World Cities Day 2018 was Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities with the Global Observance held in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
Housing Policies: Affordable Homes World Habitat Day 2017 was held on 2 October 2017, under the theme – Housing Policies: Affordable Homes.
Innovative Governance, Open Cities
Housing at the center World Habitat Day 2016 was held on 3 October 2016, under the theme – Housing at the center.
Inclusive Cities, Shared Development
Public Spaces for All World Habitat Day 2015 was held on 5 October 2015, under the theme – Public Spaces for All.
Designed to live together
Voices from Slums World Habitat Day 2014 was held on 6 October 2014, under the theme – Voices from Slums.
Urban Mobility World Habitat Day 2013 was held on 7 October 2013, under the theme – Urban Mobility.
Changing Cities, Building Opportunities World Habitat Day 2012 was held on 1 October 2012, under the theme – Changing Cities, Building Opportunities. The main celebration was hosted by Embu Town in…
Cities and Climate Change
Better City, Better Life World Habitat Day 2010 was held on 4 October 2010, under the theme – Better City, Better Life.
Planning our urban future
Harmonious Cities
A safe city is a just city
Cities, Magnets of Hope
The Millennium Development Goals and the City