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Submit your event report for Urban October, World Habitat Day, and World Cities Day

Thank you for your interest in submitting an entry to the Urban October Report 2023 which will open after the end of October. The purpose of this report is to showcase the range of fantastic events that take place around the world during Urban October to promote a better urban future for all cities.

This year we want to focus the report on the outcomes, key messages, and recommendations from the events to capture and share learning and ideas. There is a section in the form to identify these points.

  • Please submit entry in English where possible, answering the questions in the submission form.
  • Your entry should be a report of the event, written after it has happened, in the past tense.
  • The word count for single event entries is approx. 150 words (series/multiple events 200 words), excluding quotes. Suggested word counts are given per section in the entry submission form.
  • If the event is part of a short series of events (e.g. three events over a few days – 10-15 October), please submit one entry for all the events together.
  • If the event is part of a longer, month-long series, e.g. Urban October Fortaleza, submit separate entries for each event. Please also submit an entry describing the theme of the series and its purpose – this will appear in a separate text box in the report.
  • Please spell out all abbreviations and include the abbreviation in brackets on first use. We will be including an abbreviations list in the report, e.g. ‘World Health Organization (WHO)’ and thereafter ‘WHO’
  • Please include a contact email address in case we need clarification or more information.
  • Entries should be submitted within two weeks after the event has taken place.

The deadline for submission will be announced once the report on your event platform has been activated.


Status message

Thank you for your interest in posting the event report. The Posting of events is now closed.