World Habitat Day 2019

The theme of World Habitat Day 2019 was Frontier technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth with the Global Observance being held in Mexico City.

Dignitaries, experts, academics and young people attended the Global Observance at the Anthropology Museum. UN-Habitat’s Executive Director, Maimunah Mohd Sharif, cautioned that the world’s waste management challenges require urgent action and Mexico’s Under-Secretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, Martha Delgado, President of the first UN-Habitat Assembly, said that the Government was committed to making urbanization an ally of sustainable development.

The day was also celebrated in Cameroon where the Government, with UN-Habitat’s support, designated a Habitat Week on waste. Activities included a cleanup competition in Yaoundé for roads, drainage ditches and rivers.

Kenya celebrated World Habitat Day in Nakuru County at a factory that converts human waste and sludge into cooking fuel briquettes. The Chief Guest, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works, James Macharia called on counties to embrace innovative technologies.

In Vancouver, Canada Ecocity World Summit reflected on the city’s history of supporting UN-Habitat as the host of the Agency’s founding conference, Habitat 1 in 1976 and the Third Session of the World Urban Forum in 2006.

In Bangkok, Thailand, the Four Regions Slum Network mobilized hundreds of representatives from informal settlements calling for action on homelessness and land rights.

In Spain, mayors and city representatives discussed waste management at an event co-organized by UN-Habitat and the International Solid Waste Association at the Association’s World Congress.

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World Habitat Day highlights the central role our cities and communities play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Well-planned and smartly managed cities can steer us towards inclusive growth and low-emission development.

The Executive Director, Maimunah Mohd Sharif

Every year World Habitat Day, celebrated on the first Monday of October, gives us an opportunity to think about how we can all make a real change in the cities and towns where we live. It is a time for us to look at ways we can overcome the challenges that we face each day and improve everyone’s lives. As hubs of innovation and creativity, cities are the best place to come up with solutions and UN-Habitat as the United Nations Agency focused on sustainable urbanization is ready to provide full support.

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