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  • Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world

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Scroll of Honour 2021

Press Release on Scroll of Honour winners - English

Press Release on Scroll of Honour winners - Chinese

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UN-Habitat’s prestigious Scroll of Honour awards are presented each year to s initiatives which have made outstanding contributions in the field of human settlements including through the provision of affordable, accessible and adequate housing and improving human settlements and the quality of urban life to leave no one behind. The award, a plaque engraved with the name of the winning individual, city or institution, was launched in 1989 and is presented during the Global Observance of World Habitat Day on the first Monday of October.
The winners of this year’s UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour awards will receive their plaques at the Global Observance in Yaoundé, Cameroon on Monday 4 October.
The winners of the 2021 UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour are:

1. New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), Egypt
For its role in providing safe, affordable social housing projects in Egypt.

2. Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), Kenya
For being a leading example of community-led change to eradicate extreme poverty in
Kenya’s urban slums.

3. Baoji City, China
For its innovative housing provision project benefiting low and middle income residents in
Baoji City.

4. Let’s do it World (LDIW), Estonia
For organizing three World Cleanup Days to tackle the global waste crisis and reduce
carbon emissions.

5. Ciudad Emergente (CEM), Chile
For its innovative approach on piloting a Shared Streets concept (Calles Compartidas) for low
carbon cities.

This year’s nominations were judged based on their contribution to UN-Habitat’s mandate; innovative urban COVID-19 responses; the World Habitat Day theme 2021 “Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world;” potential for scale up and, the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Sustainable Development Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable and potential for scale up.

Here is the detailed guidelines that were used for submission of a nomination and the online nomination form  can be found here.

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