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The “WORLD CITIES DAY CONNECT” with the theme of Building Sustainable and Inclusive Cities for All, program is a vital one-day initiative of the Sustainable Development Council Organized in partnership with the UN-Habitat and in the Global Observance of World Cities Day, this program is dedicated to advancing the development of smart cities throughout India with a strong emphasis on two fundamental pillars: sustainability and inclusivity. In the context of India’s rapid urbanization, this program serves as a platform for stakeholders, policymakers, urban planners, youth, and experts to converge and deliberate on crucial urban development issues. It strives to create a blueprint for Indian smart cities that are environmentally sustainable, technologically advanced, and inclusive, ensuring that the benefits of urbanization are accessible to all citizens,regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds it aligns with India’s ambitious SmartCities Mission and showcases the nation’s commitment to addressing urban challenges in a holistic manner. India’s dedication to shaping its urban future responsibly and harmonizing with global efforts to promote sustainable and inclusive urbanization. Through knowledge sharing, policy dialogues, and collaborative efforts, the program aims to contribute significantly to the realization of this vision, paving the way for a more sustainable, inclusive, and smarter urban India.

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Chennai, India
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