Lara van Druten

Lara van Druten is an entrepreneur with a substantial track record in the area of innovation, clean technology and resource recovery. She is CEO and founder of The Waste Transformers, an award-winning Dutch company on a mission to revolutionise how  food waste is dealt with in a way that is circular, green, clean, entrepreneurial and smart. The Waste Transformers is realizing decentralized, waste to value projects in the Netherlands, Portugal, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Chile and the UAE, always in partnership with local partners. Lara is known for her independent spirit, her energy and entrepreneurial drive. She is an Unreasonable Fellow (selected by Unreasonable and Barclays Bank as one of 11 CEOs in Europe “bending history in the right direction”). She is also a Supervisory Board member of several utility companies, serves on the board of a number of start-ups and is Member of the Advisory Board of Eminent Persons on Zero Waste.