World Habitat Day Local Observance

To commemorate 2020 United Nations World Habitat Day, Korean National Committee for UN-HABITAT and The Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation(SH) host local observance on October 5th 2020 in Seoul, South Korea.

This year, unprecedented shock of COVID-19 is shaking beyond the present of the city to the future. This Pandemic showed us the importance of housing and its right. About 1.8 billion people live in homelessness, informal settlements and extremely inadequate residential areas, where often overpopulated and lack of access to proper sanitation and health service, making it impossible to comply with the prescriptions for COVID-19, making residents more vulnerable to virus contact. But definitely this 'crisis' has always been a different name of 'opportunity'.

Overcoming this crisis, it is important to make a people-oriented model in South Korea for a better urban future in the post-COVID period under the sub-theme which are “Housing and Urban Environmental Welfare for Everyone” and 'Housing Welfare go beyond space welfare.“

The local observation features eminent persons from various fields related to better urban future and housing policies;

Soohyun Park (President of Korean National Committee for UN-HABITAT, KNCUNH)
Seyong Kim (CEO of Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation, SH)
Heeseon Jin (Former Deputy Mayor of the city of Seoul)
Donyun Kim (Professor of Smart Green City Lab, SKKU)
Bongsoo Son (President of Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, KAIA)
Hyunsoo Kang (President of Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, KRIHS)
Wangjin Seo (President of The Seoul Institute)

Furthermore, researchers, private sectors, youth and other stakeholders will be there to gather the wisdom together for a Housing For All towards a better Urban Future for All.

Event City and Country
Seoul Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
Event Date