World Cities Day: Building Climate Resilient Cities with Digital Transformation

To celebrate the World Cities Day 2021 and as part of the WSIS TalkX, ITU and Geneva Cities Hub are organizing a webinar dedicated to supporting cities to use digital transformation to improve adaptation actions and achieve urban resilience. For example, the Internet of Things are enabling cities to collect climate data for better monitoring of the climate and response to different hazardous situations. Digital twins are powerful assets that cities are using to carry out high-precision simulations on climate events and formulate adaptation actions accordingly. The objective of this webinar is to raise awareness on the significant role that digital transformation can play for enhancing climate adaptation actions and urban resilience. The webinar will look at specific use cases of how digital technologies, including AI, IoTs, digital twins, are helping cities to become more climate resilient and to implement ambitious climate targets such as the New Urban Agenda, the Paris Agreement, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Name of Organization
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Event City and Country
Geneva, Switzerland
Event Date