Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) is the UN-Habitat’s World Urban Campaign process conceived in 2014 as an open space for critical exchange between all stakeholders and partners over sustainable urbanization and development opportunity towards positive socio-economic transformation. This is a space intended to create a consensus-building platform between partners, including community groups, engaged in addressing urbanization challenges and proposing solutions for the urban future.
The UTCs are designed to focus on 10 Principles towards the City We need which includes; inclusion, accessibility, equity, economic vibrance, safety among others. (Ref.: The City We Need – Towards a New Urban Paradigm)
Polycom Development Project, Winam Grassroots, MLAHRA, Rural Women Network, Shibuye Community Health Workers, and other partners under the banner of Huairou Commission have hosted 4 UTCs since 2015, two at the UN Complex in Nairobi, one in Kibera Slums, while the last one was in Kisumu City for preparations for meaningful engagement during the upcoming AfriCities Summit in 2021.
We are keen on the principle of Safety, also focusing on SDG 11, the City should as well be a COVID 19 Compliant and Resilient City. A city that is inviting all people to use its streets, parks, commercial spaces, and transit without fear. Guaranteeing the absence of crime and COVID 19 compliance with women, girls, and the youth at the center of focus in both public and private spaces, entrepreneurship, workplaces inclusive. It does so by Leaving No One Behind as far as planning, designing, budgeting, and implementation of security interventions are concerned.
Wamama Tunauwezo is a brand by and for women living in various slum communities across Kenya. It is very important because it creates an equal platform for reflection, monitoring, and planning with the community in mind.


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Nairobi, Kenya
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