Vision Of Green, Smart and Resilient Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El- Sheikh is one of the important Egyptian cities that is considered as a distinctive global tourism destination due to its unique location and the highly distinguishing and characteristic marine. The Strategic Plan for Sharm Al-Sheikh city adapted by the UNH secure a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities, challenges, and potential competitive advantages of the urban context within the action and all-inclusive areas for the city region. The Strategic Plan critically examines in-depth environmental, socio-economic, physical, governance profiles and frameworks, that should be interoperated and integrated with the strategic development plan of the South Sinai Governorate. It optimizes the competitiveness for the city with similar successful world sustainable tourism destinations, in addition to strengthening the city identity and the diversification of the economic engines and promotes climate change adaptation-based development, city resilience and shared prosperity.

The United Nations Human Settlements Program, Egypt Office launches the Strategic Plan for the city of Sharm El- Sheikh during the event of the International Day of Cities on October 31 this year under the slogan "Appreciating the importance of our societies and cities”. Sharm El-Sheikh organizes during the International Day of Cities an event to present and discuss the Strategic Vision and developmental Plan for the city, along with the proposed projects.
The World Habitat Day 2020 at Sharm El-Sheikh presents the opportunity to engage in a positive discussion with relevant stakeholders on the transformative impact of COVID-19 on the future of the city and to explore how to build societies back better, by leveraging the role of sustainable development as a catalyst for progressively delivering human rights and as a foundation of people’s wellbeing. COVID-19 has brought the city resilient paradox into sharp relief – at a time when people are in urgent need of basic services, job opportunity, shelter…etc. The strategic plan for Sharm El-Sheikh is considered one of the most important plans that applies comprehensive development approaches according to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of the United Nations Program for Human Settlements as well as the National Strategic Plan for Urban Development 2052.

Project Goals:
• Utilize the existing and future economic opportunities and potential resources of development and diversifying economic sectors that could support ensuring its identity as a globally competitive and highly distinctive tourism destination.
• Mapping a strategy for the growing housing, economic, services and commuting demands to ensure the Social enclosure and effective development strategy.
• Advocate for the resilient economy through prompting for diverse economic bases (entrepreneurship approaches) to ensure the local economic development.
• Conservation of natural resources and highly sensitive environmental diversity in Sharm El- Sheikh through transforming the city into an environmentally friendly pollution-free city by 2045, through clear well-defined mechanisms such as (green mobility, renewable energy, etc)
• Applying UN-Habitat planning values and principles for sustainable city development, within a consensual framework to ensure achieving the desired sustainable development.

Names and Titles of Speakers

Assem, El Gazzar, Dr, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities ;Mahmoud Sha'rawy, General, Minister of Local Development;
Khaled Fouda, General, Governor Of South Sinai Governorate;
Alaa Abdel Fattah, Eng, Chairman of the General Organization for Physical Planning;
Erfan Ali, Dr, Director of the Regional Office for the Arab States, UN Habitat;
Rania Hedeya, Country Director, Egypt Office programme, UN Habitat

Event City and Country
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Event Date