Urbanization and Citizenship post-COVID-19

Held on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the event will have as its theme "Reinventing public-private cooperation in post-Covid-19 urban development", promoting the debate from a perspective based on the valorization of human life, public-private cooperation, innovation, and sustainable economic development of Rio de Janeiro's favelas. The question that guides the event is: How can the experiences resulting from the pandemic provide us with a new look into the urbanization process as a tool to transform lives, eradicate poverty and guarantee citizenship? The event will be live on October 17th and will last a total of 3 hours, divided into 3 moments of debate of 1h each: Axis 01: Impacts - Cooperation and Solidarity; Axis 02: Challenges - New Look; Axis 03: Answers - Cooperation and Innovation. Each speaker will answer questions posed by the moderator, as well as those selected from the participating audience who may send them during the debate.

Event City and Country
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Event Date