The urban model in times of pandemic: challenges and perspectives

There is no prior preparation in any region for a pandemic like the one we are currently experiencing. Fear took hold, the routine was modified, time has passed, and everything has changed. The pandemic has brought existing problems to the surface, but some things do not always change, and this is the time to debate for improvements. Urbanism has a fundamental role when it comes to public health. The potential for collaboration between public health and urban planning is indisputable and should be addressed further. In this incredible chat, we will talk and debate about how the planning of our cities could contribute to facing and fighting the pandemic of the new coronavirus, briefly contextualizing the historical confrontations of epidemics, urban models, the evident social problems and the need for the development of equity policies, with an urban design that favors central and peripheral areas, in order to reduce socioeconomic and environmental inequalities.

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São Carlos, Brazil
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