Urban Fridays: building urban resilience through CityRAP tool

The “Urban Fridays” will be five meetings held at the Urban Circuit 2020 with the purpose of disseminating tools, methodologies and projects implemented by the UN-Habitat offices in Brazil and in Portuguese speaking African countries. The meetings will address several topics, such as: mapping and data production, urban resilience, urbanization policy and financing, spatial development frameworks and Development Plans for 2030.
The second meeting, entitled “building urban resilience through CityRAP tool” will show:
(i) Action Planning Tool for City Resilience (CityRAP), which aims to support and guide local governments of small to medium cities, or neighborhoods/districts of larger cities or metropolitan areas, to plan and implement practical actions to reinforce resilience of their cities and towns.
(ii) CityRAP implementation experiences in Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and Guinea-Bissau.  
The final product of the CityRAP Tool implementation process is the City Resilience Action Framework (QuARC) – a important document for local governments and other institutions to integrate resilience with policies, plans, budgets, institutional designs and concrete actions. CityRAP was conceived to allow local agents to adapt and implement it with minimal outside intervention, utilizing practical methods to collect local knowledge.

- Marcia Guambe: opening, presentation of the CityRAP tool and moderation (15 min).
- Video presentation “The Change” (15 min).
- Brief impressions of the participants on the CityRAP tool (10 min).
- Wild do Rosário: experiences and challenges in the context of Mozambique (10 min).
- Edinilson da Silva: experiences and challenges in the context of Guinea-Bissau (10 min).
- Cesaltino Fernandes: experiences and challenges in the context of São Tomé and Príncipe (10 min).
- Time for the beneficiaries of the CityRAP tool exchange experiences (10 min).
- Questions and debates (10 min).
- Closing (5 min).

For full list of speakers check: www.circuitourbano.org

Event City and Country
Maputo, Mozambique
Event Date