The collectives working on the outskirts of São Paulo bring together people determined to change the reality of urban territories in which public policies are insufficient or absent. The confrontation of COVID-19 on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo showed how popular mobilization can be a powerful instrument for participatory management towards a democratic, inclusive and sustainable urbanization. Mediated by Karolyne Ferreira (COLETIVO IFÈ), Urban dialogues: from interterritorial articulation to popular emancipation will interview Valquiria Fagundes (COLETIVA FIANDEIRAS), Lennon Farias da Silveira (BLOCO DO BECO) and Daniel Duarte (COLETIVO IFÈ), where they will share how they joined efforts and enhanced the actions they already performed before COVID-19, their views on the valorization of the community, public policies and the future of post-pandemic peripheries.

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