Swinging the Network II - Hope for a Sustainable Post-Pandemic Future - Living Well and Education

The event proposed here has the objective of bolstering spaces for dialogue to consider the future of cities post-COVID-19. It will feature reflections and proposals for the effective construction of new practices and new social relationships based on the perspective of Living Well as a central vector for promoting a healthier, post-pandemic future (physical, mental and spiritual health), and strengthening conditions to continue the process of sustainable urban development. Hence the essence of the sub-topic of Urban Circuit 2020: “Valuing our communities and cities.” With a duration of two hours, the live Virtual Meeting will feature the following configuration: Theme 1: “Well-being in cities: a relational and community proposal,” Theme 2: “Hope for our days: Education and actions on Peace Culture and Theme 3: “The Solidarity Economy and Living Well: thinking about other possible worlds.”

Event City and Country
Fortaleza, Brazil
Event Date