SHARECITY - the practice and sustainability potential of food sharing in urban areas

Join us for #UrbanOctober where SHARECITY will host an online Twitter event showcasing our urban food sharing research over the month of October 2020 through virtual presentations!

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Food lies at the heart of our lives. It is vital for our survival, and links us to our natural and social environments in unique ways. However, our food system is unsustainable and is in need of transformation. Urban areas will need to play a major part in transformation of the food system as already more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas and by 2050, this will be nearly 70%.

The SHARECITY research project responds to the urban dimensions of the food sustainability challenge. It uses innovative collaborative research methods to explore the practices and sustainability potential of urban-based food sharing initiatives that use websites, social media platforms and apps (Information and Communications Technology) to achieve their goals. These initiatives include community gardens, social dining platforms and surplus food redistribution activities.

Firstly, food sharing initiatives in 100 cities were identified, mapped and analysed, leading to an interactive database. Detailed ethnographic research in nine cities followed with findings summarised in an open access book. An online sustainability impact assessment toolkit “SHARE IT” was then co-designed with food sharing initiatives. The final phase of SHARECITY involves creating sustainable imaginaries for the future of food sharing in cities and a manifesto for sustainable food sharing.

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