SDG Cities Global Conference

The SDG Cities Global Conference takes place virtually from 29 October to 31 October, as one of the Urban October events for 2021. It is co-organized by UN-Habitat, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, with the Global Sustainability Index Institute. SDG Cities is a collaborative action of diverse urban actors to support cities worldwide to accelerate the achievement of sustainable urban development. The Conference links climate change, pandemic recovery and SDG acceleration in cities and through a series of high-level formal events and technical side events, debates important challenges of data harmonization, the need for strengthened local capacity to deliver the SDGs and the need for effective mechanisms to channel investment into cities of all sizes and geographies. The conference introduces the Global Urban Monitoring Framework and takes stock of progress on Voluntary Local Reviews as essential monitoring and reporting tools. It also introduces the City Investment Facility as an instrument to prepare impact projects and channel capital to ensure implementation. The event will have simultaneous interpretation in English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

Name of Organization
Event City and Country
Nairobi (please note that the conference has a global outreach), Kenya
Event Date