Saracura River Valley in São Paulo: Virtual Expedition

A Virtual Expedition through the Saracura River Valley in São Paulo, referring to aspects of its past, present and future. The Saracura River, although still alive, is today channeled and hidden in the landscape of São Paulo. The history of this river is mixed with the history of the metropolis itself: from its indigenous matrix, to the Afro-descendant occupation territory of the Quilombo Saracura, passing through the arrival of Italian and northeastern immigrants. This river also evokes the urbanization process of São Paulo: from the channeling of the rivers for sanitary and highway issues, to the formation of precarious urban settlements and then verticalized in their surroundings. The purpose of this expedition is to outline a panorama of the tensions and powers of the hidden presence of the Saracura River, also discussing its future desires through the renaturation of its watercourses and its recognition as a subject of rights.

Event City and Country
São Paulo, S.P., Brazil
Event Date