The role of municipalities in guaranteeing the right to housing

The seminar - which has as its central objective the debate about the Brazilian housing problem - seeks to understand the mechanisms that guide the formation of a political structure of housing within the municipal government, with the aim of guaranteeing the right to housing. Furthermore, the seminar also seeks to promote the engagement of actors and agents (social movements, architects and urban planners, public power actors, etc.) by strengthening governance processes in the use of resources to face the issues mentioned above. In order to reach the above-mentioned goals, the seminar will assume discussions that start, first, from a historical contextualization about the housing issue in the country (with an emphasis on institutional history), in order to reach the current arrangements of the Brazilian municipal reality; addressing issues such as the elaboration of "Municipal Housing Plans" and strategies for the utilization of resources to apply such plans.

Event City and Country
Florianópolis, Brazil
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