The Remnants and Future of Penn Station

When first built, New York’s Pennsylvania Station was the largest train station in the world. In 1963, the ax of progress fell transforming it into the much-maligned subterranean labyrinth of today incapable of processing the 650,000 commuters it usually deals with on a daily basis. Now a new 145,000 square foot Moynihan Station is taking root across the street in the Farrelly Post office while the question remains: What will happen to Penn Station?

Join playwright, Penn Station tour guide, and historian, Justin Rivers, Untapped New York's Chief Experience Officer, as he outlines the possible answers to that question. He’ll speak about why we have today’s Penn Station and how a simple refacing of it is only a half measure. You’ll also see stills showing a recreated Penn Station offered by the production company of Motherless Brooklyn first to Untapped New York for our October 2019 story, “How the Lost Penn Station Was Recreated for the Movie Motherless Brooklyn.”

Join us on this unique Webinar and experience Penn Station like never before

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New York, United States of America
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