Re-Imagine. Re-Design. Re-Claim

"Gender is a social construct. Space like gender is socially constructed too. The spatial arrangement of buildings and open spaces in our cities, reflect and reinforce the nature of gender relations in our societies. These relations manifest in complex ways in how we interact with space or vice-versa. It is seen, access to space is fundamentally related to social status and power dynamics. Hence, such socio-spatial manifestations, restrict women’s choices to fully participate in public life. It is even more difficult to negotiate space for people who fall out of the cis-male/female binary. Further, global and local forces like climate change, urban migration or resettlement and, non-inclusive urban policies have deeper impact on the lives of women and others. This competition seeks to discover how innovative ideas under each of the given themes could transform existing public spaces into safe, accessible and inclusive urban environments." Three broad categories for the competition are: 1. Adapting Cities for Climate Resilience: A Gendered Perspective 2. Beyond the Binary: Queer interactions within the urban realm 3. Mitigating Migration: Impact of resettlement on gendered bodies

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Gurugram, India
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