Radiografías Urbanas Blog relaunching

Radiografías Urbanas (urban radiographs) is a Blog created by a young woman, Yolaina Mayorga. The author has worked as a research assistant at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería and published many articles about Nicaraguan cities, such as the capital Managua, and has participated in many international conferences, such as Ecuador, Barcelona, and Costa Rica. This Blog is about the cities of Nicaragua, talking from the viewpoint of the new generations and the actions that we can do as citizens to improve our environment.

This activity will be an independent initiative to show how young people can help our cities, and specifically about what our future hold for us, if we continue the patterns of Latinoamerica cities sprawl, production, and consumption system in the housing market.

What young people can expect about environmental and housing conditions?

Most of the decisions about housing and urban policies have to be done by authorities and different areas of institutions or civil organizations. Is vital to know how much are young people interested in taking part in this kind of discussion. First, we have to ask ourselves: How many countries take into account the opinions and thoughts of the young people and how many projects are they involved in?.

To Celebrate World Cities day means we have to present the facts, the issues, and challenges we need to face in the near, medium, and long terms. This initiative will start by doing a dynamic to know what young people think about it and how do they perceive our city. A survey related to the 11th Sustainable Development Goal. It will be composed of at least 10 questions and given to 50 young people. The answers will be summarized in an article and show it with some graphics.

This article will be posted, with some statistics about the answers, on the existing WordPress platform of Radiografías Urbanas, that will be relaunched on October 31st. Is expected that this can be shared on some social media, to show that young generations are interested in these topics and that needs to be heard, all the content will be posted in Spanish and then translate into English.

As a Spanish phrase says: "we can make cities form the littlest to the biggest actions" "Todos podemos hacer ciudad, desde las más pequeñas, hasta las más grandes acciones"

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Managua, Nicaragua
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