Public Defenders and Post-COVID-19 Cities: Housing and Health

The Association of Public Defenders of Mato Grosso – AMDEP, in partnership with the LODS Project, debates the challenges and perspectives of Post-COVID-19 cities, especially in the face of housing and health problems aggravated by the current situation. The invited speaker from the University of Bologna brings the problems dimension in Italy and Brazil, providing a basis for comparisons, reflections and contributions to the debate, with the participation of professionals from the Public Defender of the State of Mato Grosso and the Public Defender of Rio de Janeiro. The union of different knowledge has, as its guiding principle, the housing situation and its relevance in times of pandemic, since determining factors such as the place where one lives for the survival of those affected, in addition to the fundamental adoption of public policies aligned with the Development Goals Sustainable Agenda 2030.

Event City and Country
Cuiabá, Brazil
Event Date