Presentación del Ideario/Pronunciamiento: Hacia una nueva convivencia social con menos desigualdad urbana

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisations CONURB-PUCP, KNOW-Lima and Plataforma Mi Ciudad released a pronouncement with 11 relevant actions to face both the sanitary crisis and the more urgent urban issues in Peruvian cities. The release of this proposal created a public debate that nurtured the ideas with ideas from different regions of the country. More than a year later, the research group will release a publication with 12 sets of actions, proposals and recommendations that could reduce urban inequalities in our country. The publication incorporates the contributions of many Peruvian researchers, urban practitioners and activists. Also, it encompasses issues such as urban regulation, housing policy, citizen participation, basic services, public space, environment, risk and others. By drawing from debates on the right to the city, participation, governance, environmental justice, territorial and intercultural approaches, the publications contains the core ideals that CONURB-PUCP proposes as a new (post-pandemic) social coexistence that could allow for reducing urban inequalities and improving Peruvian citizens' quality of life.

Name of Organization
CONURB-PUCP / Grupo de Investigación en Urbanismo, Gobernanza y Vivienda Social - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Event City and Country
Lima, Peru
Event Date