Post-COVID-19 Cities: territory, budget and public policies

Post-COVID-19 Cities: territory, budget and public policies is an event designed to function as a Webinar. It will take place on a single date, with a duration of two (2) hours and live broadcast by the online meeting application "Zoom". The focus of the event is to discuss the current and future impacts of the coronavirus on Brazilian cities, from the perspective of the city that will host the activity: Franca. The format includes the presentation of three thematic axes so that the evaluation of post-COVID-19 Brazilian cities can be well designed. There are three axes: territory, municipal budget/public budget and public policies. It is an activity that highlights the university as an important space in the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda. For us, it also means the continuity of the debates accumulated in the Sustainable Franca Forum, which articulated the various local universities and the productive sector for the SDGs, building local diagnoses about the bottlenecks and perspectives.

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Franca, Brazil
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