Popular Plans for Regional Action: Review of the POA Master Plan from the perspective of communities

In the wake of the revision of the Master Plan of Porto Alegre, back in 2018, the Institute of Brazilian Architects in Rio Grande do Sul (IAB RS) introduced the project "Popular Plans for Regional Action," in attempt to place the communities in a leading role in this process. The city is divided into eight planning regions and the IAB RS promoted training workshops in all of them to complement the debate. Based on this, regional action plans were formulated, which are to be presented to the authorities to serve as foundations for the revision of the Master Plan. The formulation of the plans is currently in progress, and a first document has already been discussed with its planning region and is available for consultation. The event will present the work and use the already achieved results as an example of what has been built in the regions. The debate will also address the scenario dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the suspension of the Master Plan revision process in Porto Alegre, which must necessarily consider the problems demonstrated in the city once it is resumed.

Event City and Country
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Event Date