Planning for Climate Change: An Integrated Approach for Urban Practitioners

Towards the objective of sensitizing and strengthening the capacities of urban practitioners, planners and researchers, UN-Habitat India organized a virtual training session to provide tools that will help plan for current and future climate change impacts at the local level; and promote an inclusive, participatory planning process that integrates planning activities with local community participation and structured and transparent decision-making. The session was intended to contribute towards capacity building and development of a ‘cadre’ of urban practitioners and planners equipped with knowledge on international policy frameworks, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, funding sources, and implementation and monitoring mechanisms. The key objectives of the session were two-fold: First, sensitization and awareness-building of the target audience on global urban policy and planning frameworks, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, and climate finance mechanisms. Second, empowering the target audience to gauge how to mainstream strategic and participatory climate action planning in urban governance processes.

Name of Organization
UN-Habitat India
Event City and Country
New Delhi, India
Event Date