Nepal Urban Dialogue NUD 2020 (NUD 2020)

Nepal Urban Dialogue 2020 or NUD 2020 (virtual), is Nepal’s first conference on urban issues to be organized and convened by the Green Institute of Nepal, in coordination with several other urban stakeholders.

NUD 2020 is an exclusive forum for national, provincial, local government, non-governmental organizations, and grass-root leaders. It will engage national and international organizations, experts, scholars, private sector, and academia to engage in intense debates, discussions and discourse on urban issues and innovations. The NUD 2020 is a virtual gathering in Nepal for exchanging knowledge, information, ideas, and experiences on urban issues.


The Nepal Urban Dialogue has the following objectives:

• Offer a forum for national and international knowledge sharing on urban sustainability and governance issues
• Inform stakeholders and the general public on the contemporary challenges and opportunities on urban issues
• Try to find out scientific solutions to some critical urban problems
• Enhance cooperation and collaboration between different stakeholders on implementation of sustainable urban development plans
• Promote urban policy discourse at national and international level
• To promote New Urban Agenda of the UN Habitat and the national urban agenda of the Government of Nepal.

Program features:

The NUD 2020 has following key features:

Plenaries – Insights sharing by high-level speakers from governments, non-governmental, private, national and international organizations

Roundtable – Insights sharing on a particular thematic issue by a team of 4-5 experts or presenters or speakers moderated by an expert

Mayors’ session –The NUD Mayors’ session is the platform for mayors to share their own story and experience. City leaders who have directly led projects to their successful conclusion can share best practices.

Artists’ session –The Film makers and artistes will share their views on their role to make cities better.

PhD scholars’ session – Urban scholars can share their research paper and case study.

Program Themes:
• Urban planning and design
• Urban policies
• Urban health
• Urban economy
• Urban resilience
• Urban environment
• Smart cities
• Youth
• Safety
• Public space

Event City and Country
Kathmandu , Nepal
Event Date