Navigating Malaysian Cities: Walking in the Midst of Covid-19

Activity Description

The pandemic has changed everything we ever knew about the world, most visibly our cities. The streets which were once teeming with life, movements, and sounds - now quieter, subdued and sometimes surreal. The questions then in people's minds : Where do our cities go from here? Can we go back to how it was before? What is the new normal?

Join us on the first "Navigating Malaysian Cities" series, happening this Saturday at 10am (Kuala Lumpur time : GMT+8), 31 October - where we'll be featuring Jane's Walk KL and its experience in engaging with the local communities as they walk the city before, and in the midst of the pandemic. We'll also be launching our very own Jane's Walk George Town at the end of the session.

Partner Organizations

  • Jane's Walk KL
  • Jane's Walk George Town

Names and Titles of Speakers

  • Yasmin Lane, Founder, Jane's Walk KL
  • Amelia Neoh, Founder, Jane's Walk George Town
  • Evelyn Teh, Urbanist, Penang Urbanites
Event City and Country
Event Date