National Urban Forum HIII + 5 Meet-Up for Habitat and Sustainable Housing

The “Meet-Up for Habitat and Housing” Forum (October 20th-22rd) is an opportunity to affirm the commitments made towards the application of the New Urban Agenda, to encourage the institutionalization of Ecuador’s Sustainable Habitat Agenda 2036 (AHSE), and to reinforce the implementation of the National Plan for Habitat and Housing, which aims to reduce the housing deficit and improve the quality of life for all inhabitants. This Forum will also celebrate the launch of a national call for urban projects, with a focus on projects relating to climate change. This is directed at the 221 decentralized autonomous municipalities with the intention of encouraging proposals and initiatives that improve the adaptive capacity and sustainability of the country, generating the necessary conditions and spurring municipal capacities for sustainable urban development. On day one of the forum, a high-level panel will be held with participation from the President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, various Ecuadorian ministers, and secretaries, as well as representatives from the InterAmerican Development Bank, UN-Habitat, and the German Embassy. This day will also include a reading of the agreements and signing of the inter-institutional commitment for the implementation of Ecuador’s Sustainable Habitat Agenda by the ministers present.

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Quito, Ecuador
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