Living Together in an Urban Context: Between the local and the global

Cities must be analyzed from different scales and perspectives. Unorthodox ideas of cities as fixed and static artifacts need to be rethought. This meeting gives voice to these different spatial visions. Global themes of broad interest can serve as a basis for interventions in various contexts between Brazil and Lusophone Africa. Thus, the city of Sao Paulo appears as a case study. At the same time, it is the locus of great global connections and local insurgencies. Urban spaces showed high levels of COVID-19, especially among highly vulnerable families living in peripheral areas and in informal settlements. The discussion aims to assess the practices and solutions implemented by low-income communities to survive in post-pandemic territories. This event will also analyze issues related to urban violence, transportation alternatives, new uses for public spaces and the recovery of collectivity sense.

Event City and Country
Curitiba, Brazil
Event Date