Launching of the tools for the materialization of the City Vision: Project Portfolio and the Tactical Urbanism Plan.

The project portfolio and the tactical urbanism plan are the product of the collaboration between San Nicolas de los Garza municipality and UN-Habitat. They focus on the local implementation of global agendas through the materialization of the City Vision, which has a cross-cutting component of citizen participation in their development and decision-making. The project portfolio contains nine selected projects that vary in impact, cost, influence, and temporality, but considered strategic to trigger the large-scale transformational change proposed in the city vision towards 2030. Of these projects, one was selected and developed extensively based on a technical and participatory process considering its characteristics and impact. The tactical urbanism plan provides a guide for the transformation of public space through the placemaking methodology. Following a process of identification, analysis, citizen participation, proposal development, and monitoring, the plan proposes 16 interventions with great potential to trigger change in the way people inhabit and uses public spaces in their city. Three of these interventions were implemented as pilot interventions in a collaborative action with community support. These tools will be presented during the capacity-building sessions to ensure the knowledge transfer to the municipality for their operationalization.

Name of Organization
Municipal Government of San Nicolás de los Garza and UN-Habitat Mexico
Event City and Country
San Nicolás de los garza, Mexico
Event Date