Horizons for Brazilian housing policy: understanding the “Casa Verde e Amarela” Program

The webinar is the result of debates organized around the concept of “Cities for people, non-profit”, which has guided the work of the IAB DF Urban and Housing Policy Committee (UPC) with organizations and civil society entities throughout the year 2020. In the quest to consolidate an agenda for urban policy based on the premise of a fair and inclusive city as an alternative to the space exploration model based on obtaining profits at the expense of increasing the quality of urban life for all, the cycle of UPC's annual debates has been consolidating a critical position vis-à-vis the urban policies that affect the Federal District and the surrounding municipalities. In this sense, the webinar seeks to present the new housing program of the federal government, analyze its relations with the “Minha Casa Minha Vida” Program and discuss possible developments in the face of the housing policy model it points to and the reality of post-COVID Brazilian cities.

Event City and Country
Brasília, Brazil
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