Habitat Week in observance of the World Habitat Day

Cameroon will be hosting the observance of the 2020 World Habitat Day for the Africa region in the city of Douala. The overall objective of the celebration of the 2020 edition of the WHD is to raise awareness of the national and international community on trends, challenges and vision in sustainable urban development for the improvement of the environment and quality of life of people, promote international cooperation and contribute to global efforts to build equitable, prosperous and sustainable cities.

Specific objectives will include:

- to inform and mobilise the public on the issues and challenges related to the promotion of adequate and affordable housing, in order to enable everyone to live in a healthy environment;
- to raise awareness, exchange ideas and engage in in-depth reflection on the theme of WMBD 2020: "housing for all, a better urban future";
- to share and exchange on urban restructuring strategies and programmes;
- to carry out a situational analysis and a diagnostic assessment of real estate development in Cameroon;
- to set up a platform for awareness raising, exchanges and capacity building of real estate development actors enabling them to fully play their role in the development of the housing sector in Cameroon in general and the mass production of housing in particular;
- to contribute to the improvement of sanitation in cities through the launching of the "Clean Cities" National Hygiene and Sanitation Competition ;
- to promote national and international coalitions and partnerships for the promotion of citizen mobilization for more cleanliness in cities.

Event City and Country
Douala, Cameroon
Event Date