Green Cities Book Talk

Abstract: Harrison Fraker and Douglas Kelbaugh have both recently publish books about the city we want and the city we need. Doug Kelbaugh’s book entitled THE URBAN FIX: Resilient Cities in the War against Climate Change Heat Islands and Overpopulation presents an argument that cities are “our last, best hope” in addressing climate change and its many attendant environmental issues, challenges, and opportunities. He addresses such phenomena as the urban heat island effect, energy consumption and energy sources, and carbon footprinting, among others. Fraker’s book entitled MINDING THE CITY, subtitled Field Notes on Neuroscience and the Poetics of Sustainable Public Space extends the ongoing conversation about the role of the public realm. In this time of the Covid pandemics and environmental challenges the type amount, and distribution of public space has increased in importance and value. Fraker’s well illustrated book provides a broad spectrum of concerns and a wide array of case studies to explain both current theory and practice.

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