Global Well Being Survey (Children and Youth)

UN-Habitat in partnership with Fondation Botnar, and the Connected Cities Lab at the University of Melbourne came together to develop a programme that promotes the well-being of children and young people in up to 15 intermediary cities globally. So as to tailor/design this programme as per the needs of the beneficiaries, a consultation process is being facilitated through the Global Well Being survey that targets children and youth (10-24years).

The goal of this survey is to better understand how children and young people believe they can make their community, the city they live in and the world a better place. This survey further aims at finding out what the children and youth think a healthy and happy community is.

The consultation process through the survey will run throughout the Urban October and is available in 7 different languages, that is, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Swahii.

Event City and Country
Nairobi, Kenya
Event Date