Global Plenary of relevance of SDGs in Local Contexts

The Association for World Education (AWE) is hosting an online Global Plenary on local experiences of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to mark the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations and to mark the World Cities Day 2020. The online plenary will explore the how four cities across the world as interfacing with the Global Goals. Speakers from Belgium, Denmark, India and Russia will speak directly about translating the SDGs from the global context to the local context. This will be an interactive platform with three breakout sessions where participants from 10 countries will interact directly with each other. Registration for the event is free and is open to all. One may get more information at

Names and Titles of Speakers

Noël Bonam, Global President, Association for World education (USA);
Jakob Erle, Director, International Academy for Education and Democracy (Denmark);
Rex Scahde, Vice President *Danish Chapter), Association for World Education (Denmark);
Guido-Henri de Couvreur, Founder, Mondo (Belgium);
Prof. Sujit Kumar Paul, Assistant Dean, Rural Development, Vishwa Bharati University India);
John Samuel Adoor, Director, Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance (India);
Yulia Skrupskaya, Research Assistant, HSE University (Russia)

Event City and Country
Copenhagen, Denmark
Event Date