Gestión del riesgo urbano y migración: Retos y oportunidades en la gestión del riesgo de las ciudades en contexto de movilidad humana

The accelerated growth of cities, both in population and geographic expansion, has demonstrated a major impact on the natural events connected to climate change. The effects of climate change, natural threats, and pandemics constitute risks in cities that have potential to impact over half of the population and cause about $314 million in damage for urban centers per year. UN-Habitat Ecuador will host a space for dialogue and reflection focused on governmental modeling for risks related to health and disasters, with an emphasis on techniques for urban planning and actions to confront systemic risks within the larger theme of human rights and human mobility. The event will be carried out virtually allowing for flexibility in attendance and a larger audience. With the support of UNHCR, IOM, UN-Habitat, and the European Union, we will create a space for dialogue between managers and experts with expertise in sustainable urban development, social inclusion, and risk management. This event will take place on November 4th, 2021, with the objective of generating beneficial dialogue about how to combat the effects of climate change and managing risks in urban centers.

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Quito, Ecuador
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