Favela and Academia Dialogue: Necessary Paths for Environmental Education

In this public class with community and academic leaders, we propose a dialogue between the academy and the favela in order to analyze collectively decolonizing paths towards environmental education that value peripheral knowledge. The knowledge of the favela, despite solving real and complex urban problems, is often ignored. At other times, it is appropriated by academics who benefit while residents who develop it remain marginalized by society. Structural issues complicate the University-Favela relationship, either because the colonizing profile is replicated in this exchange or because the academic structure discourages extra-walled dialogues. We want to understand: what are the factors that separate good and bad experiences in the favela-university relationship? How to receive the university in the favela? What do we not want to happen in this relationship? And how to have a successful favela-university relationship?

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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