Driving #WithoutWaste

As part of this Urban October, the campaign Driving #WithoutWaste will be held in Sofia. There, at one of the pedestrian walks at Orlov Most Bridge, during the busier evening hours, volunteers will hand out portable ashtrays and paper bags to drivers during the red light breaks. There will be urban performers and acrobats who will show their support for the campaign and will help the road users to see the city from a different perspective. The campaign aims to prevent levels of urban pollution and increase citizens' knowledge and awareness of personal responsibility towards the environment, placing particular attention on the small items like cigarette butts, straws and wrappers, which are often overlooked and go unnoticed when it comes to littering. Additionally, there will be a digital campaign launched to send the message to the wider public. Local and national media are also invited to support the campaign efforts.

Name of Organization
BG Be Active
Event City and Country
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Event Date