Diálogos Urbanos: Mejorando mi espacio natural

This activity will be a virtual dialogue table, with an online meeting on how to make AMBU sites better and more sustainable for all. The meeting will be open to the general public who want to get involved and there will be a special invitation to form a table of experts who can answer questions from the public. The title highlights CECA's Environmental Education Program, which develops a social axis to integrate citizens.

The call will be published on Wednesday October 21, will be announced the virtual dialogue table with dissemination in social networks, where those who want to participate, should send a text message to the cell phone of CECA (3322580535) with the topic of interest that they would like to expose or what they want to know, as well as their full name, counting this as their registration to be part of the activity.
The call will be available for one week, until the day of the event, on Wednesday October 28th.

Those who want to get involved will be sent a couple of days before (Monday October 26) the link to enter the meeting online, through the cell phone of CECA, with a response to the message sent previously.

Finally, in a small closing event on October 31 adding the "Agentes de Cambio" contest and the "Lo que hagas hoy, mejora el mañana" video, will be exposed a list of commitments, to improve the spaces that make up the AMBU, according to the agreements reached in this virtual dialogue.

Event City and Country
Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, Mexico
Event Date
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