Constitution for the biogenesis of earth

On the way to a better future ONE GOAL

 A worldwide  Constitution for the Life Community on Earth NOW superordinate to party politics, nation states, religion, ethnicity and gender
on a scientific basis for the benefit of all

Party of the Earth" is a non-profit association and is religion-free, supranational, gender-neutral, age-neutral, neither left nor right, not bound to a political orientation, but instead explicitly based on a scientific, ecological basis for the benefit of our homeland earth. The non-profit association will establish a worldwide campaign for this purpose.

Everyone can join in - individuals, associations, cities, countries, companies, organizations like WWF, Greenpeace, movements like Friday's for Future, governments, political representatives and initiatives of all kinds, etc. - - and we are looking forward to your participation.
and commit themselves to one common goal - overriding particular interests -
then we achieve great things in a short time. Corona shows that it works.

The constitution of the Living Community on earth should be valid worldwide and be superior to all nation states and politics. It is superior to the individual interests. From the understanding that we humans must protect ourselves from human action. It is an instrument for governments to make binding laws with hard fines that initiate an ecological turnaround NOW, for the benefit of all. The earth is a coherent system, the air, the water, the animals, the children know no boundaries. Borders are artificial structures of humans, it is time to recognize this and to protect the planet from humans in the interest of all humans and all living beings.

Event City and Country
Basel, Switzerland
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