Concurso "Agentes de cambio"

Activity Description

This activity is an invitation in the form of a contest, so that the users of the different sites that make up the AMBU become agents of change; filming a small video, where they expose some problem that they detected in the urban forest of their community, and how they are solving it (or did solve it).

This Activity is coordinated by the Environmental Education and Culture Centre (CECA).

The call will be launched on social networks on October 8th, presenting the purpose of the contest with the mention of the UN Urban October initiative. There will be a dissemination campaign in this regard, and will have approximately 2 weeks for the receipt of videos to be sent to the mail of the CECA ( with a deadline for submission, October 26. The winners will be announced on Friday, October 30th and their videos will appear on the official AMBU facebook page.

The video has to expose the problems detected in any of the sites that make up the AMBU. It must also include the solution they are carrying out to solve the problem or the proposal to attack it.

Requirements to participate:
1. The participant(s) who send the audiovisual must live near the area (some urban forest of the AMBU).
-Parque Metropolitano
-Parque Montenegro
-Bosque Los Colomos
-Parque Morelos
-Parque Solidaridad
-Parque González Gallo
-Parque Alcalde
-Parque Ávila Camacho
-Parque Agua Azul
-Parque Liberación (El Deán)
-Parque Natural Huentitán
-Bosque Urbano de Tlaquepaque.

2. The presentation format will be free (as an exhibition, story, narration, games, images, etc).

3. It must have a maximum duration of 2 minutes.

4. There will be two categories for the participation of the video, and the participants will be able to select the one that best suits them.
A) Individual Category.
B) Group Category (2 people or more).

Three winners will be selected in the A category (individual) and one in the B category (group), where those who are selected will become agents of change and will receive support and training from CECA to collaborate together in continuing to solve the problems detected or future ones that may arise; they will be recognized in a small closing event on Saturday, October 31st. The winning videos will be exhibited on social networks, and their authors will receive recognition.

Partner Organizations

  • Metropolitan Agency for Urban Forests of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (AMBU)
Event City and Country
Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara , Mexico
Event Date