CoMvid-19 – Urban Mobility in Niteroi after COVID-19

A conversation between government officials, representatives of civil society and academics to reflect on urban transformations in the last decade in the city of Niteroi. Transformations that promoted cycling and walkability, as well as future perspectives before COVID-19, which has caused changes in the displacement behaviors of society. It tries to answer why, during the quarantine, as well as other cities around the world, it did not invest in temporary cycle paths? Bicycle repair has not been promoted? The opening of bike shops was not allowed? The main question that rises is: will the urban transformations and the projects in progress and / or planned be able to adapt to the new movements of society? And, on tourism, at a time when travel is restricted and there are incentives for domestic tourism, since Niteroi is located next to the capital and on the way to Costa do Sol, will the city be strengthened in this segment?

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Brasília, Brazil
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