C20 Summit - Social Infrastructure as Resilient Infrastructure

Virtual C20 Summit

The C20 Summit will provide a diagnostic of the world order from the perspective of civil society, and engage all relevant stakeholders, including G20 officials
from this year’s presidency and beyond, to ask for meaningful solutions to our global challenges. This year’s C20 Summit is committed to prioritize the voices of global citizens on all G20 topics of discussion, to fulfill the promise of making all voices count in our effort to bring the G20 into action. We are expecting 4,000+ attendees and participants; including the G20 Presidency and senior officials, G20 Ministers, leaders of International Organizations, Inter-governmental Organizations (IGOs), Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), global experts, activists and influencers.

Session - "Social Infrastructure as Resilient Infrastructure"
Social infrastructure is becoming increasingly proven to build more resilient and healthy communities. By investing in healthcare, learning, social care, and shared spaces that encourage interaction between those of different demographics, it leads to a more active participation by civic society in local communities. This session will explore ways of integrating different age groups in public shared spaces to build empathy and challenge any existing prejudices. The financial framework for public investment will be explored to ensure that social infrastructure proves not only resilient, but sustainable as well. This session will encourage discussions that promote regional infrastructure connectivity. By allocating people’s needs as the highest priority when building sustainable infrastructure, it will ensure its resilience by creating jobs, stimulating economic development, protecting the environment, reducing inequality, as well as promoting gender equality and social inclusion. Methods of financing these goals will be explored, both by considering various sources of funding, as well as investigating potential partnerships between the relevant regional bodies and the affected communities. This would also include a discussion to determine whether developing ‘infrastructure as an asset class’ should remain on the G20’s agenda, or whether alternate financing methods might be more effective.

Event City and Country
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Event Date