A Better Urban Future: Climate and Environmental Challenges in the city

The round table is organized as part of the 10th  Russian National Award for lanscape Architecture Festival and Youth Lanscape Forum that have a national significance in the field of sustainable urban development, climate conservation, landscape architecture, landscaping.

Names and Titles of Speakers

T.I. Volftrub, President of Association of Landscape Architects of Russia;                                                     
S.N. Romanova, Editor -in -Chief, Union of Architects of Russia;                              
Rana MD Masood Parves, Urbanist, Bangladesh;                                                        
I.N. Ilina,Professor at the faculty of Urnan Development, National Research Institute - Higher School of Economics;                                                      
N.A. Porotnikova, Deputy Director of the Institute of Ecology, National Research  University - Higher School of Economics.                                       
The event will be attended by Russian and international companies operating in the Russian Federation

Event City and Country
Moscow, House of Architects, Russian Federation
Event Date
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