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FAC's Morning in the Field: a perspective for a sustainable future

Morning in the FAC Field: a perspective for a sustainable future. The aim of the workshop is to compost boxes, making use of organic waste that would otherwise be disposed of inappropriately in household rubbish, with a view to producing fertiliser through the composting process. Workshops will be given on: Solid Waste Management in the Municipality of Campo Grande; and in the area of food security, combating hunger and sustainable agriculture with workshops on Natural Defensives and Management and Implementation of Agroecological Gardens, so that the students can later apply them in practice on the school premises and in their homes, supplementing their lunch and family subsistence. Our target audience is students from the municipal school system and urban producers, so we invest in the urban future, co-operation between producers, teaching income-generating practices, food security, the fight against hunger, sustainable agriculture and urban development.

Name of Organization
Fundo de Apoio à Comunidade - FAC
Event City and Country
Campo Grande, Brazil
Event Date

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