Youth and Climate Action: the role of schools in building resilient communities

Youth and Climate Action: the role of schools in building resilient communities, to take place on 31 October, World Cities Day. As part of the EU-ASEAN Climate Diplomacy week and Urban October, this session aims to highlight the role that schools may play in the creation of safe, inclusive, and climate resilient communities. With schools at the heart of the community, they can also have a catalytic role in generating climate action.   This event seeks to identify the key strategic elements of planning, design, and implementation in building more resilient schools and communities and to identify opportunities to reduce risk. Children, adolescents, and youth have the potential to become key change-makers, not just for their neighborhoods but for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals more broadly: acting local with a global impact. Schools are an ideal place to educate and inspire young people to take action locally, which will then have a ripple effect throughout their communities and cities.   Each panelist will deliver a presentation focused on a specific aspect of resilience building within the school environment, including youth empowerment through effective engagement and improved basic social services, and will put forth concrete recommendations for building school resilience.

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Yangon, Myanmar
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