World Cities Day - Urban October - Fortaleza - Thinking & Living the Urban - The Future of the Cities for People

The World Cities Day - Fortaleza intends to experience the city from different perspectives, with a set of activities (Ex.: comic and urban art workshops, plantation, sketchers group) and urban routes (on foot, by bicycle), fostering debate on cities, aiming to be more compact, inclusive, resilient, safe, participatory and sustainable. The Planning Institute (IPLANFOR) of the Fortaleza City Hall (PMF), in partnership with public authorities and civil society, organized the Urban October Fortaleza, a series of activities addressing Housing, Metropolises, Healthy Cities, Mobility, Environmental Governance, and Sustainable Urban Development, from the perspective of the Climate Crisis, considering the local context and alignment with the national and international campaigns of UN-Habitat, Urban Circuit, and Urban October. These proposed closing activities will be carried out in the open space, in order to promote greater health security. In addition to the activities mentioned above, there will also be a specific route for people with limited mobility to access the sea with a wheelchair. During this month, public competitions were also launched for ideas and good practices in architecture and urbanism, giving visibility to good proposals that, in some way, point out paths or solutions for the various problems experienced in the city.

Name of Organization
Planning Institute of Fortaleza City Hall (IPLANFOR)
Event City and Country
Fortaleza, Brazil
Event Date