Webinar: Resilience Cities and Communities

Indonesia is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world and is exposed to a range of natural hazards that can hinder development outcomes, affecting its people and the economy. It is estimated that some 110 million people across 60 Indonesian cities, or 42 percent of the population, are exposed to natural hazards. BNPB (2018) reported that earthquakes caused 561 fatalities and displaced over 396.000 peoples, damaging almost 110.000 houses, 663 schools, 52 health facilities, 6 bridges, and many roads, causing approximately US$854 million in damages and losses The event has specifically targeted all stakeholders that are concerned about the theme. The aim is to dig up the new policy, program, and best practices to increase the resilient concept of cities and communities. The event will be multi-stakeholder, involving local and central government, NGOs, and communities.

Name of Organization
Indonesia Infrastructure Research Institute
Event City and Country
Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Event Date